Club Parkinson ( is focused on;

  1. the eradication of Parkinson’s Disease;
  2. slowing or stopping PD progression
  3. alleviating PD symptoms

Club PD is a global internet database which collects information directly from any of the 6+ million people with PD. This database serves two purposes: (a) it is constantly statistically analyzed for new research clues, and (b) it anonymously shares relevant disease-related data with PD researchers to assist their investigations.   
How do we achieve these goals ?  
If you have PD (or suspect that you have PD) then simply REGISTER your email with Club PD and join a secure, internet-based information exchange which is used for PD research.
When you REGISTER we will email you immediately to validate your registration. Just CLICK on the link we send you to activate your membership.  (If you do not receive our “confirmation email” by return, please check your SPAM folder, or email us at
We will never share your email or identity with any other organization without your permission.

Please REGISTER now, and also pass this link to any PD patients you know. Your identity will remain confidential, protected by different numerical IDs in every research study it assists.


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